Do You Know The Taboo of Eating Eggs

Do You Know The Taboo of Eating Eggs

The eggs are delicious and nutritional food, and ordinary people often consider them as health supplements. And regular consuming eggs can enhance memory space, but also guard the center and arteries, and stop cancer, slow aging. However the eggs possess their taboos.

First taboo: Usually do not eat sugar soon after eating eggs; many locations possess a habit of consuming sugar poached eggs. Actually, it makes proteins of proteins in egg into fructose lysine conjugates. It cannot easily become absorbed by your body, so will make undesireable effects on human’s health.

Second taboo: Following eating eggs, usually do not immediately eat the persimmon. In the event that you do this, you might be meals poisoning, and if it’s the serious scenario, you will have severe gastroenteritis or lung stones. Generally, eating both of these types of food collectively could cause spit, tumble and stomach pain those primary symptoms of severe gastroenteritis. So if enough time is in a single to two hours, you may use just how of inducing vomiting. Invest the a longer period, you should consider some laxatives to eliminate the toxins from the body as quickly as possible.

Third, usually do not immediately beverage soy milk after feeding on eggs every morning. Each morning, mom will be meticulously to get ready breakfast for the kids. And moms all hope their kids can get adequate nourishment in the first morning. So many moms are accustomed to putting egg in to the soy milk. Or following the kids eat eggs, let kids drink soy milk. Actually, soy milk consists of a special compound called trypsin, merging it with the egg white pine proteins in the eggs, can lead to the loss of nutrition, reducing both nutritional value.

Fourth, following eating eggs, usually do not immediately eat the goose, rabbit eggs. Both contain some biologically active chemicals, eating together will make react, also to stimulate the gastrointestinal system, causing diarrhea.

Fifth, after feeding on eggs, usually do not immediately eat anti-inflammatory medicines. Because eggs are abundant with proteins, when inflammatory episodes, you should pay out particular focus on protein intake. Therefore when the starting point of the swelling, remember never to take medication after eating eggs. Specifically, the people who have gastrointestinal disease, or diarrhea, cannot actually eat eggs. Eggs including protein will increase the responsibility on the tummy, and also have influence to the medication effect.

Therefore, when you take in eggs, you should focus on the above issues, usually do not make threat to your wellbeing.